CERTA is a non-profit  organization which aims to promote non-formal education in all its forms and means of expression, to organize training courses, qualification & specialization trainings, to develop and implement educational projects financed by EU funds, to identify sources of funding and to offer consultancy for other organizations in the field of youth and adult education.


Our goals

CERTA has as main goals to promote European cooperation in the field of education and professional development, encouraging the lifelong learning process, based on non-formal/informal education, supporting the development of knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the development of active citizenship behavior, social inclusion and professional insertion.
CERTA is continuously improving its educational offer, promoting the international cooperation through partnerships, the exchange of ideas and good practices, experiences and information, testing and implementing new pedagogical approaches, develop the skills and competencies necessary to transfer, apply and combine the knowledge and skills needed to print a European dimension of the educational process.


Our objectives

CERTA’s objectives in terms of European cooperation are to:
1. Encourage mobility of trainers and trainees, supporting continuing education to improve the quality of educational services;
2. Create of educational resources and tools targeted to develop our capacity to promote development and global citizenship education at the national, regional and European level;
3. Promote transnational cooperation in vocational education and training;
4. Develop communication and linguistic skills, intercultural, social and ICT aptitudes of trainers and trainees involved in European cooperation activities;
5. Promote volunteering among young people, making them aware of the benefits of volunteering and encouraging them to participate in volunteer activities within partner organizations in Europe.


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