Our town

CERTA is based in Tulcea, south-east Romania, in the historical region of Dobroudja. Tulcea is the residency and largest city of Tulcea County with a population of almost 100.000 inhabitants.
The town of Tulcea lays on seven hills, as Rome and was founded in the 7th century BC, under the name of Aegyssus, being mentioned for the first time by Diodorus Siculus. In the 1st century BC the Romans conquered the town and its mentioned by the poet Ovidius in his letters.


The town has successively been under Byzantine (5th- 7th centuries), Genoese (10th – 13th centuries) and Ottoman rule before being finally reunited with Romania in 1878.


Today Tulcea is a cosmopolite town with no less than 13 ethnic minorities living in, an interesting mosaic of people and cultures, a model of peaceful cohabitation and mutual understanding.